But what does any of this have to do with the real world? Everyone knows that America has a capitalistic economy IN WHICH the government is SUPPOSED TO BE ONLY MINIMALLY involved. And anyone who hasn’t lived under a rock for the past year knows that the economy isn’t doing so hot. But do we know why? Capitalism in theory should thrive when we are at our most selfish selves, doing what ever we can to get on top, not worrying about others, only ourselves and our successes. If that’s true then our economy should only grow and never fail. But like our government, we INDIVIDUALS SEEM TO need checks and balances to keep everyone in LINE. Was THIS our downfall? Did we have too many checks and balances, holding us back too much? Did those balances force us to find loopholes to get ahead of the game like Madoff? Or was it the lack of rules that caused the fall of our economy. Were we totally free like a kid in a candy shop with bottomless pockets? Everyone was free and able to do whatever they wanted to get themselves to the top; even if it meant cheating, lying and deceiving. We need to find a balance, between running free and sitting at a cubicle.